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Customized music repertoire

Customers' behavioral studies proved that customized music repertoire can influence shoppers to return, make them shop longer, and influence their choices.  With the right music, businesses can increase customers, boost sales, or even reinforce the brand. Music can be used as a competitive tool to reach particular customers and to create added value for  the brand/business in general.

Hospitality | Beauty Industry

Soundtrack can influence people


A comfortable stay, a weekend away with good service is made all the better by the right ambience created by the right music. One soundtrack can relax, another can tone you up, another can evoke sadness or elevate your mood. Music that is professionally tailored to match different brands, different goals and different expectations of the customer is the key to creating a memorable experience for the visitor.

Restaurants and Cafés

Music has a tremendous influence

Fine dining, pub or boutique café, these are always about providing an immersive experience, which is so good that customers come back for more. Background music is an important component in this experience.

With the right music people feel more comfortable and relaxed. With some music we eat faster and less and with other music we even forget we've ordered a dessert, which was not in the plan. Studies show that music has a tremendous influence on the human brain and affects secretion of dopamine, in most cases. Music that is identified with customer's needs and views, that is profiled, high quality and the best in a particular place and time can have a very positive impact on the whole experience.

Customer Service Locations

Music affects the environment

Visitors to banks, medical clinics, job centres or any other customer service location, come for a specific service and they usually expect the best service possible, in their preferred location. In some circumstances they are anxious, worried or afraid or they just want some privacy for discussing financial matters or health issues. Studies have shown that music affects the environment and different music creates a different atmosphere. It can create an element of privacy, it can make the service provider appear positive and it can enhance the experience to encourage the customer to return again and again.

Cinema | TV | Adds | Games

It is all about reaching people

To change someone's mind about something, to help them understand your idea, to create a better understanding of your game design, to help people feel the way you feel about a concept or an idea, you have to find a way to reach people.

Influence has many forms, many channels and many tools - music is not the only one. Think of the early black and white silent films and how much better they were the instant they were synchronised with the right music or recorded sound. Science has proven beyond any doubt that music has a huge influence on the human brain. Imagine a silent Coca Cola ad.... what does it feel like? How does it taste...?

Events | Exhibitions | Fashion Shows

Music can be a good partner

The Events Industry works hard to choose the right message, right visual and the right sound. Professionally selected music can be a effective partner in achieving the desired impact and guaranteeing a mesmerising experience with incredible connections, or just the most memorable experience ever.

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