Brand Matching Background Music

Jan. 23, 2020

It is generally understood these days, that the right choice of background music in commercial premises can help reinforce your brand, provide a more valuable customer experience, allow you to target certain demographics and probably most importantly, increase either revenue per item or total sales.

What is less known and researched is the effect of background music on staff morale, staff boredom and staff performance in the sales situation.

It’s ironic that at Christmas time, the repetitive nature of a very limited ‘festive’ playlist can have a significant negative effect of staff morale.

Some research in 1999 found that background music may even attract attention onto itself and away from the salesperson’s sales pitch especially, if certain conditions are present: the sales pitch arguments are weak; the music tempo is slow.

Retailers using background music in their stores favour generating  some types of cognitive responses, which may negatively influence the attitudes toward the employee and the store if the music does not fit in the sales encounter.

Pleasant music is not sufficient to help salespersons; it may even hinder their persuasive efforts if the music is considered as not fitting in the sales encounter. The emotions generated by music may be positive but the cognitive effects may be null or negative.

While most companies only refresh about 20% of their playlist every month, Shakespeare Music replace it completely, so that the staff never get tired of it. By virtue of the sophisticated brand matching algorithms the playlist appears ‘exactly similar’ to the previous one.

Shakespeare Music has been working with Brand Matching playlists since 2012 and has amassed considerable experience and expertise. Please contact us if you would like to see how Brand Matching can be used to boost your own business.


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