Environmental Perceptions and Behavioural Intentions in Restaurants

March 3, 2020

A fairly recent study (Kisang Ryu et al) explored the relationships between physical environment, consumers’ emotional responses, and their behavioural intentions based on environmental factors.

The results have implications for determining how management should allocate business resources. Specifically, the study recommends the practical use of the physical environment by prioritising resources and/or budget allocations based on the importance of the relevant environmental constructs.

Among the significant constructs was ambience. It is important to recognise that the physical elements (e.g., music, aroma, temperature) of ambience can be managed to a large extent by restaurant managers. Managing ambience is probably one of the least expensive ways to enhance customer perceptions of the physical environment.

Music is more easily controllable than any other physical element in the environment and is probably the least expensive. Restaurateurs can change background music, varying its volume, genre (classical or jazz), and tempo (slow to fast) based on the customer preferences to help them feel pleased or relaxed. Thus, restaurateurs should consider the physical attributes related to ambience, in particular music as an operational tool.

Another major construct directly influencing customers’ pleasure and arousal emotions was the employees. In the eyes of the customer, employees could be viewed as a major factor reflecting the restaurant’s image.

Employees of restaurants have an important role to play until the service delivery is completed. The results of the study supported the strong influence of employees on customers’ pleasure and arousal states. As noted last week music has an important role to play in keeping employees motivated, which in turn can enhance performance and improve the service delivery.

The study indicated that emotions evoked by the dining environment significantly affected the extent to which customers intended to return, to recommend the restaurant to friends or others, to stay longer than anticipated, and to spend more than originally planned.

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Research Reference “The Effect Of Environmental Perceptions On Behavioural Intentions Through Emotions: The Case Of Upscale Restaurants”, Kisang Ryu, University of New Orleans, SooCheong (Shawn) Jang, Purdue University Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, Vol. 31, No. 1, February 2007, 56-72


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