Shakespeare Music in the context of the future travel industry

Nov. 16, 2018

On the 13th -14th of November 2018 in Ritz Carton Dubai, Measa Show organizers invited aviation industry giants to share the experience and forecasts of New Age Travel industry.

Shakespeare Music representative - Head of Business Development of London branch - Janette Daubare had an amazing opportunity to catch up the latest travel/aviation trends. No doubt that nowadays it is all about customer experience: we choose airlines, hotels, food, sites not from the brochures anymore but we look for tags in social media. We even ‘google’ less when search,- we go to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and we decide there. Music is an experience, which can be used as a tool for businesses to elevate the customer experience. Proper music in proper place and time can definitely make our waiting in the airport or stay in the hotel even more pleasant, food even tastier and the interior of the restaurant even more beautiful.

Shakespeare Music recently enlarged the list of customers and package of services offering exclusive customized music services and reliable technological solution to transmit music into commercial premises to retail, catering industry, health care institutions, hotels, and airports. 

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