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The Background music repertoire is key to creating the desired atmosphere in commercial premises 

Shakespeare Music offers different music playlists for different business needs. 


Our versatile team of music designers and producers,  with over twenty years experience in the commercial music industry, shows deep understanding in music branding, music influence on end-customer emotions and the brand itself. We create each customer playlist according to the best business philosophy and the end-customer’s needs, which consequently elevates the overall customer experience. Playlists developed by Shakespeare Music are industry-specific. What suits one industry is usually completely unsuitable for another. Our music designers are working in constant communication with clients to find out the specifics of their trademarks, the needs of their final customers and other criteria determining the choice of playlist content.

Music choices from budget playlists to customized solutions with singular soundtrack


Shakespeare Music is expert in the area of music solutions for business. Clients can choose from a variety of playlist solutions from budget, industry oriented playlists, to those specially tailored and designed to match a particular brand. Together with our playlisting service, clients are offered background music licences, content management services, location based audio transmission  services, audio branding, music creation on demand and other sound related services. All solutions can be chosen individually, except the background music licence, which is part of the  playlists service.


Premium Solution: Signature Sound


Shakespeare Music's team of designer offers exclusive customized playlists service for the highest level of customer experience. Every song is hand picked for distinctive brand or commercial location. Music designers working together with the client develop a true reflection of a particular business philosophy creating its signature sound. 

Core Solution: Commercial Music Choices

Core playlists are offered with affordable pricing, but nevertheless correspond to the latest commercial music trends and are created with regard to specific industry needs. Every client who purchases a Shakespeare Music licence receives access to the Shakespeare Music playlist platform, where new monthly core playlists are developed and offered to clients for the duration of their contract.

Playing music in public places must always comply with various local conditions.


Professionally designed playlists fall into two main legal categories: clients can choose between Shakespeare Music administered music playlists and playlists where the music is administerd by Collective Management Societies. In the first case clients will not need to buy any other background music licences, except a single Shakespeare Music licence. In the second case clients buying professional Shakespeare Music playlists still need a licence from Collective Management Societies for operating in particular geographical territories (PRS for Music, PPL, SEBAM, TEOSTO, ASCAP, LATGA etc.). 

As well as legal licensing issues, public places must also comply with public information laws. Even a well-known song can contain inappropriate lyrics for children, or contain violent or racist content. Consequently, our lawyers examine the suitability of each song very carefully before it is played in public.

Music broadcast in the premises technologies are important in creating the desired atmosphere




Shakespespeare Music clients ordering our playlisting services can choose from several technologiies to broadcast music in the premises. Clients can play the playlists via the Internet through the Shakespeare Music direct streaming platform or download the playlists onto any convenient media. Music broadcast from the platform is not subject to any further fees. For clients that desire exclusive background music services, Shakespeare Music offers a sophisticated technological in-store radio solution, which is more reliable for continuous music streaming as it is not affected by Internet issues.

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