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No strings attached! Pre-cleared music licensing for synchronization purposes.

Peace of mind is always guaranteed with Shakespeare Music sync licensing


Using music for audio-visual projects/games requires obtaining permissions/synchronisation licences for using music from all property rights holders. This long and expensive process requires specific music administration and legal knowledge, and the smallest mistake can result in exhausting court procedures and large fines. Shakespeare Music offers synchronization licenses covering the full package of property rights, thus ensuring the highest level of legality for our clients. Altogether with a licence, to clients are submitting copies of agreements with all property rights holders. 

No accidental soundtracks! Just professional music meeting the highest standards


There are many songs written in the world, but not all of them are suitable for commercial applications. From the vast quantity of the world’s music repertoire, Shakespeare Music’s designers have built up a collection of commercial professional music, suitable for use in businesses. Shakespeare Music cooperates with hundreds of artists, songwriters, composers and labels and is very selective when choosing music for its database. Every soundtrack before entering Shakespeare Music’s database is scrutinised by our music designers to meet the highest music standards. Understanding that music is an extremely powerful tool in creating added value for businesses, our team offers music falling into the descriptions of ‘commercial’, ‘never amateur but always professional’, ‘never racist or nationalistic’, ‘never aggressive and always beautiful’.

Music designer services from the selection of the soundtrack to audio editing and processing


The provision of Shakespeare Music synchronisation licences has replaced this outdated and troublesome process. Shakespeare Music clients do not have to search for the right audio track in a database containing hundreds of thousands  of tracks. For each of our clients, tracks are selected and offered by our music designers based on a client’s specific requirements. Approved soundtrack choices by the client go through audio editing and processing, to be properly synchronised with visual material.

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