Technical Solutions In-store Radio / Music Transmission / Digital Signage

Background Music must be delivered by the best technology for the best results

Three technical solutions for delivering music into the premises


Music transmission by streaming from the Shakespeare Music Platform

The Shakespeare Music Music Platform is especially developed for its clients. Every signed client receives a personalized login to the platform where agreed music playlists are uploaded and can be streamed with minimum Internet resourses.

Music downloading from the Shakespeare Music Platform. 

Shakespeare Music clients are authorized by Shakespeare Music to download music to any preferred storage medium. The Downloading option is often chosen by clients with poor Internet resourses or in the locations where secure uninterrupted music streaming is not possible. Clients that choose the streaming option are highly recommended to download emergency playlists as well, in case the Internet connection in the locations is lost. 

In-store radio solution offering hardware in the locations managed by specially coded software

The Shakespeare Music in-store radio solution is based on specially developed software and adapted hardware. Shakespeare Music’s technological solution ensures  more efficient operation of the hardware compared with the most expensive equipment currently available on the market. High-quality services ensure significant savings and maximum added value for the end user.

In-store radio/digital signage solution with specially developed technology for Shakespeare Music clients

Contrary to the majority of closed-source software players for digital advertising, our devices are based on the best open-code society software products. This means we don’t spend our client’s money reinventing the wheel, but rather use best practises and also contribute to developing new technologies such as Django and Wayland.


A Cloud-based solution ensures maximum operating time and minimal administration costs. 

With the help of modern technology, things that once seemed impossible are now easily accomplished. Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) supports uninterrupted event-based interaction between our Cloud infrastructure and devices around the world, as if they were on a local network without any complex network configurations. The 3G option basically eliminates network problems.

Faster data transmission: audio data is transmitted only once. Only smaller playlist files are updated afterwards. This allows the downloading of audio files using a relatively modest UMTS/3G connection.

Safe device installation in commercial premises. The device offered by Shakespeare Music is using the SSL security protocol. Shakespeare Music in-store radio can be accompanied by high level digital signage services. The same device can be used for displaying a wide range of audio and visual material, i.e. not only for audio streaming but also for picture display.

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