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Top-notch audio production: music creation and
production, mixing, mastering, vocals recording and
editing. From songs with millions of plays to audio ads that
make a difference!

Audio production: creation, recording, production, post-productionIn-house songwriters, music producers and sound engineersMusic on demand for movie, tv, game, video productionOn-hold music and messagesIn-house recording studios


Shakespeare Music's creative team has developed various music production projects: songs for
artists, jingles for radio and TV broadcasters, soundtracks for branding campaigns, certain
occasion soundtracks for companies, specially created music for advertising campaigns,
anthems for events and music for theatre performances and many other projects. Twenty years
of experience and expertise gives us grounds to promise - at Shakespeare Music, we know how
to make a perfect soundtrack: from the creative process to recording and post-production.

Exclusive Background


Shakespeare Music is a creative house with music creators and producers who
create business-oriented background music exclusively for our in-store radios.
Our music production and audio marketing team ensures that each track meets
our high commercial music standards and is perfectly tailored to our client's
needs. With a broad knowledge of music genres, styles and music's impact on
mood, we shape the sound to match music trends and the cultural context of
every business. Businesses can look no further than Shakespeare Music for a
unique listening experience.

Audio advertisements
recording & production

At Shakespeare Music, we control all audio production processes from the first scratch to sound
formats for different streaming options. In-house recording studios and a professional team
guarantee our clients' quality soundtracks and audio ads delivery on time. We offer a variety of
voiceover vocals, background music for audio ads from top-level 20K soundtracks from Shakespeare
Music library and on-demand background music exclusively for particular advertising campaigns.
Business looking for high-quality, professional audio marketing services needs to look no further than
us - our clients always get the best tailor-made service that meets the specific needs of each
customer and brand.



Keeping callers on a line in silence is a missed extra opportunity for businesses to maintain a
relationship with their customers. Right, on-hold messaging and music help create a positive on-
hold experience, connect with their customers and reinforce their brand image. Shakespeare Music
offers full-scale on-hold messaging and music services to manage traffic, promote services and
products, reduce hang-ups, and create pleasant waiting times.

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