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Music has the power to shape any environment, and no
two places are alike. Make up the face of your restaurant
with music matching your identity!

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Every Restaurant Is Special

  • Shakespeare Music provides
    music services to restaurants
    matching demographics,
    cultural context, pricing and
    other characteristics forming
    the unique face of every single
  • Music curators update music
    playlists for restaurants
    monthly, adding soundtracks
    from the vast music library
    allowing to create a special
    environment for every different
  • The library includes a wide
    range of genres, styles and
    moods, from soothing jazz
    tunes, lounge, chill, lo-fi, relax-
    calm, and classical music to
    high-energy, uplifting, pop,
    dance, rock and much more.

Elevate your space and
optimize operations

Creating customized music playlists for restaurants, our team will set the mood for different
times of the day, week, and month. Particular music moods, adapted to the operations of
restaurants, proven to control foot traffic, to engage to stay longer or eat faster, to order
extra and most importantly, to come back again. Elevate your space with trendy music from
royalty-free Shakespeare Music library or global music repertoire!

Create For Your Guests An
Unforgettable Dining Experience

  • A restaurant is a business of
    experiences, sensations and
    socialization. Cuisine, menu,
    interior design, prices, size,
    colleagues, location and many
    other elements settle the
    ground for one or another
    experience. Music plays an
    extremely important role in
    creating the best customer
    experience and is a critical
    component in tailoring the
    atmosphere of any restaurant.
  • Researches show how our
    behavior is heavily influenced
    by sound playing in the
    background. With different
    music playlists, restaurants can
    differently engage with our
    customers creating desired
    behavior of the visitor, building
    brand, and supporting the idea
    of chosen cuisine.
  • Music is a great tool for
    capitalizing on business and
    creating the right atmosphere.
    Shakespeare Music team
    creates customized music
    playlists to help restaurants to
    elevate their space and to
    reach business goals.

Music is not one-size-
fits-all universal language

  • Each venue exudes its unique
    which should be
    complemented by a custom
    selection of appropriate
    background music. Different
    people prefer different music,
    food, and apparel. But when it
    comes to a particular
    restaurant,- even a hard rock
    music fan would prefer to listen
    to lounge music if it fits the
    brand of a chosen restaurant.
  • Restaurants selecting music
    for their space
    should not
    indulge in somebody's personal
    music preferences. The visitor
    is already in your restaurant
    because you have a special
    menu, location, premises, and
    service. Appropriate music for
    restaurants can help elevate
    customer experience from
    whatever type you are (fine
    dining to sushi bars to fast food
    outlets). Whatever goals you
    have set out with your business
    concept, make sure it is
    thoughtfully complemented by
    sound and perfect playlist.

All needed licenses to
play music for restaurants

Playing background music in commercial premises requires a bunch of legal permissions.
Businesses are obliged to purchase music services from music for business providers. After
the streaming service is arranged, every commercial site needs to acquire public
performance licenses. Shakespeare Music offers all included music licensing packages for
their clients. The time and money-saving package are one call away with our background
music offer. Embody your brand's spirit through carefully selected tunes without a hassle!


Solutions For Restaurants

Solutions For Restaurants

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Casual DiningSoul, Modern Rnb
Fine DiningJazz fusion, Lounge
Romantic/JazzRnb, Jazz
Dinner & DrinksChillout, Electronica
Fast FoodModern pop

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