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Recording studios in Europe and portable worldwide. How
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Full service recording studioIn-house songwriters, music producers and sound engineersStudio equipment: quality microphones, mixing consolesVoiceover recording and post productionVoiceover talent vocal bankPortable recording studio


In-house songwriters, music producers and sound engineers. Studio equipment: quality
microphones, mixing consoles. Voiceover recording and post production. Voiceover talent
vocal bank Portable recording studio


At Shakespeare Music recording studios,- we provide full-scale music production services to
business clients: from vocal and instrument recording, arrangement and music production,
mixing, editing and sound engineering to the creative process. We can meet the needs of even
the most discerning client. Whether a business needs a one-time recording for a particular
advertising campaign or full-scale audio marketing products, we are confident that we can
exceed your expectations. In our recording studios, an expert team equipped with the latest
technology produce original audio content that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Recording studios with top

level sound engineers

A quality recording is essential for any music production. The best studio
equipment and top sound engineers are needed to get the most out of
recordings. At Shakespeare Music, we use the best studio gear and software
and the skills of experienced sound engineers to create polished, professional
sound. To professionally implement business needs, we run in-house recording
studios and work with top sound engineers in the industry. We believe this is the
only way to create a polished, professional sound which helps our business
clients to sound the best.

Voice over

Voice over recording

Shakespeare Music offers professional voice-over recording services for any project and budget.
Voicebank includes a variety of voices, languages and accents to ensure that businesses can
find the perfect match for their projects. 24/7 customer service guarantees that clients can get
the recording on time. We also offer one-day delivery for rush projects. Whether the business
needs a budget-friendly option or an exceptional recording, Shakespeare Music is here to help.
Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you bring your project to


Shakespeare Music mobile recording studio services allow businesses to record high-quality audio
(voice-over for a project or capture other types of audio sounds) in any location, anywhere in the world.
A team of experienced engineers will work with businesses to ensure that the recordings are clear
and distortion-free, bringing onsite professional equipment: vocal booth, microphones depending on
recording requirements, etc. So if you're looking for the best recording quality, no matter where you
are, our portable recording studio is the perfect solution.


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Casual DiningSoul, Modern Rnb
Fine DiningJazz fusion, Lounge
Romantic/JazzRnb, Jazz
Dinner & DrinksChillout, Electronica
Fast FoodModern pop

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