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Peaceful, relaxing and stress-free environment with
specially selected music for the beauty and SPA industry.
Set a vibe for your business!

Positive environmentCalming and relaxing atmosphereIncreased privacy levelsShorter waiting timesLess stressed workplaceTop-notch customer experienceCurated music playlistsAll needed business licenses included
Salons & Spa Background

Create An Enjoyable Experience
For Your Clients

  • The beauty salons and SPAs that
    provide the highest level of
    enjoyment for their clients are the
    ones that go above and beyond.
    Perfectly chosen music greatly
    enhances appointments turning
    them into memorable journeys.
  • The right tunes have the power to
    create a desired mood in the space
    and bring customers the best
    experiences. Shakespeare Music
    creates environments where
    customers can relax and unwind,
    turning their visit into a true escape.

Healing power of music

The healing power of music is undeniable - it has been a trusted and powerful therapy tool
for centuries. Music is an effective tool for relieving stress, inducing relaxation and
promoting safe, natural healing processes within the body and mind. Shakespeare Music
produced special music for the beauty and wellbeing industry. Create a calming atmosphere
for your clients by choosing exceptional retreat music.

Boost client engagement

  • SPAs, massage salons, and
    physiotherapy clinics can
    benefit from having
    background music and create a
    more engaging atmosphere for
    clients. Music increases
    positive emotions, helping to
    create an atmosphere of
    relaxation and pleasure that
    leaves customers more
    satisfied with their visit and
    your services.
  • Including music in the well-
    being and beauty industry can
    be a great way to connect with
    customers, ensure longer
    appointment times, and make
    their stay longer, which in
    return will lead to increased
    revenue for your business.

Peace Of Mind With Top-Notch
Music Offer

For the past ten years, Shakespeare Music has been providing customized music solutions
to SPAs, massage salons, and physiotherapy clinics of all sizes. Our experienced sound
engineering team can equip your business with the latest audio technologies and create
playlists that perfectly suit your needs. Engage with your customers with professional team
of music and sound experts. Your peace of mind is just one call away!

Save Money With Fully Licensed
Music For Business Use

Playing background music in commercial premises requires a bunch of legal permissions.
Businesses are obliged to purchase music services from music for business providers. After
the streaming service is arranged, every commercial site needs to acquire public
performance licenses. Shakespeare Music offers all included music licensing packages for
their clients. The time and money-saving package are one call away with our background
music offer. Embody your brand's spirit through carefully selected tunes without a hassle!

Salons & Spa

Solutions For Salons&SPA

Solutions For Salons&SPA

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Beauty SalonsInstrumental, Ambient
AsianOriental, Relaxing
EgyptianInstrumental, Ambient
MassageRelaxing, Smooth
MeditationPiano, Ambient, ASMR
Beauty SalonsChillout, Lounge

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